AJN Hollow Panels

Explore about our AJN's Eco-Friendly Hollow Panels

EPS and cement hollow panel is a kind of lightweight energy-saving hollow wall material, which compounds cement, EPS and sand. This product is widely applied to all kinds of modern buildings for interior wall partition, exterior wall and heat preservation for the floor and roof with special and feature of lightweight and cost-saving.

  • Widely applied to all kinds of modern buildings for no-loading interior wall partition and exterior wall.
  • Our Hollow Panels are used as the exterior & interior partition wall which have slab loading bearing requirements in the old building renovation projects.
  • Applied to floor and roof insulation
AJN Hollow Panel
AJN Hollow Panel
AJN Hollow Panel
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AJN Hollow Panel Specifications

  • Length: 1500mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Thickness: 90, 120, 150, 180mm
  • Weight: 35-55kg/m2
  • Soundproof: 36-50db
  • Fireproof: A grade

AJN Hollow Panel Technical Indicators

1Anti-impact performance≥5≥5>5>5
2Anti-bending damage load/Times over dead weight≥1.5≥1.5>2>2
3Anti-pressure strength≥3.5≥3.5>3.5>3.5
4Soften coefficient≥0.80≥0.80>0.8>0.8
5Surface density≤90≤110≤50≤60
6Moisture rate≤8-12-<8-
7Drying shrinkage value≤0.6≤0.6<0.6<0.6
8Single point hanging strength≥1000≥1000>1000>1000
9Sound insulation capacity in the air≥35≥40>35>40
10Fireproof limit≥1≥1>3>3